Staff & Recruitment

We Deliver on our Commitment. First Time, Every time.

Fall Line has a wealth of experienced professionals able to assist with the planning and delivery of any sized event. We understand all jobs require different skill sets and we work with you to develop the right mix of event staff for your requirements.

During the 20 years of working events, we have become experts in streamlining the process of event data management and reporting. Combining sensible process with modern technology, we are able to accurately capture, monitor and deliver information with minimal time and effort, virtually eliminating the traditional paper mountain of guest registration and staff onboarding and accreditation. Fall Line is very sensitive to our obligations of protecting any personal information in our care to be used for event applications. Access to this information is restricted and when Fall Line no longer has any project or legal duty of holding such data we securely delete it in compliance with Data Protection guidelines.

A key event management skill is the ability to bring a plan to life, in the way it was intended and at the right time. We are proud of our ability to communicate with and train all staff within the team, empowering each person with the understanding of what needs to happen and their role within the plan. We take the time to develop practical training giving all our event-based staff the confidence and knowledge to deliver on time, first time.